The Shirt of a Happy Soul. Estonian Folk Tales

Piret Päär
31,00 €

In this book you will find a bunch of Estonian folk tales. Some of them are definitely more familiar, while some are completely unheard of. This is a book for the whole family, with stories for young and old, mothers and fathers, grandparents, teachers and even... Or it is the case that each story already has something for a child-adult, woman-man, beggar-king and even...

Piret Päär is a freelance storyteller. In 1986, he graduated from the Department of Performing Arts of the Tallinn State Conservatory. "Every story that speaks to you is a path to yourself. Without fairy tales, I would be lost in life."

Katrin Ehrlich is a graphic artist and book illustrator. He graduated in 1996 from the Tallinn Academy of Arts majoring in free graphics and studied screen printing at the Danish Academy of Design. “I almost never retell the text in my pictures. I rather depict what the characters in the book think and feel."

Adam Cullen is a poet and translator of Estonian literature into English. To date, he has translated more than a dozen novels, countless volumes of poetry, children's books and twenty plays. "For me, translation is music and balance - following the rhythms and being faithful to the author and the reader at the same time."

The Shirt of a Happy Soul. Estonian Folk Tales
Piret Päär